NP: np, nd [ca. 1950s?]. 4to. One-page reproduced typescript presenting 12 numbered paragraphs, each holding several or multi-part questions (e.g., “1. Have you ever heard of the ‘Wheel of Damnation’? What is it supposed to look like?,” “7. Can you give any details about old slavery-time Negroes who worshipped African golds [sic], such as ‘Partigeeho’ or ‘Pohnkiyea’?,” “10. Know instances of where a part of a congregation has broken away from the old church to start a new church of their own? Can you give me the names of the old church and the new ones and the causes of the ‘break-up,’” and “11. Can you tell me anything about such sects as the Sheep-Calling Baptists, the Still Water Baptists, the Sanctifieds, or the Holy Rollers? Know anything about “foot-washing” services, talking in ‘unknown tongues,’ or about ‘feeling meetings’ where the people claim to ‘feel God’s mustache’?). The questions seem to have been composed by someone interested in Black folklore and religions, possibly for scholarly purposes of for an Oral History project. An intriguing questionnaire. Old fold lines and paper clip mark, but very good. Item #66315

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