[Various places: 1861-63]. A collection of 42 pamphlets, numbered 20-60 (with a few supplements, and a few numbers lacking) all in original self-wrappers, some untrimmed and unopened. All in very good condition. The Sanitary Commission was a private relief agency created by the U. S. Government in July, 1861 "to assist in the care of sick and wounded soldiers and their dependent families" (Dictionary of American History). Anticipating that the Medical Bureau within the War Department would soon by overwhelmed by the needs of a large army, the U.S. Sanitary Commission was organized with donations from public and private sources to provide supplies to the military and field hospitals, and to send inspections teams to those hospitals to monitor conditions and deliver food, clothing, medicine, bandages, etc., saving soldiers from "the consequences of exposure, malaria, unwholesome food, and the other perils of camp life." [see Sanitary Commission publication No.22 below]. The Sanitary Commission was authorized by the War Department, and approved by Pres. Lincoln in June 1861, and it continued operations throughout the Civil War.

This group includes:
1. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 20. 22 cm. 2 pp. [Wash. DC(?): July 1861]. Printing Resolutions passed Monday, July 29, 1861, at a meeting of the commission, Treasury Building, Washington [DC].
2. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 21. 23 cm. 10 pp. [Wash. DC(?): July 1861]. "A Record of Certain Resolutions of the Sanitary Commission, Passed in the Second, Third, and Fourth Sessions."
3. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 22. 23 cm. 8 pp. [NY & Washington: Aug. 13, 1861]. Statement of considerations which led to the appointment of the Sanitary Commission by the War Dept.
4. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 23. 22 cm. 12 pp. [Wash. DC: July 1861]. Printing the report of the Committee appointed to visit the Military General Hospitals in and around Washington, DC, submitted by Wm. H. VanDuren & C.R. Agnew.
5. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 24. 23 cm. 1 p. [NY: Aug. 23, 1861]. George T. Strong, Treasurer, his report on the objects to which the funds of the Commission are applied.
6. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 24 [same number as above, but issued in Washington]. 23 cm. 13 pp. [Wash., DC, Treasury Building: nd]. Frederick Law Olmsted, Secretary. "General Instructions to Sanitary Inspectors."
7. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 25. 23 cm. 1 p., stating that this number reprinted twelve documents [reprint not present here].
8. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 26. 23 cm. 16 pp. [NP: June 28, 1861]. H.W. Bellows. "Notes of a Preliminary Sanitary Survey of the Forces of the United States, in the Ohio and Mississippi Valley, near Midsummer, 1861."
9. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 27. 24 cm. 8 pp. [NP: Aug. 1861]. J.S. Newberry. "Report on the Sanitary Condition of the U.S. Troops in the Mississippi Valley, During the Month of August."
10. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 28. 24 cm. 8 pp. [NP: nd]. "Advice as to Camping, by the British Government Sanitary Commission." [relating their experiences in the Crimea in the 1850s]
11. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 29. 23 cm. 1 p., stating that No. 29 [not present here] was a special relief report included later in document 35.
12. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 30. 23 cm. 4 pp. [NP: nd]. Printing the report of the committee appointed to look into the subjects of examinations of volunteers and other officers of the Army from civil life, and of reserves.
13. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 31. 23 cm. 21 pp. [NY: Wm. C. Bryant & Co., Printers, 1861]. "Report of a Committee Appointed by Resolution of the Sanitary Commission, to Prepare a Paper on the Use of Quinine as a Prophylactic Against Malarious Diseases."
14. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 32. 22 cm. 43 pp. [NY: Wm. C. Bryant & Co., Printers, 1861]. "Report Concerning the Woman's Central Association of Relief at New York, to the U.S. Sanitary Commission at Washington. Oct. 12, 1861."
15. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 33. 23 cm. 16 pp. [NP: 1862]. List of associate members of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, March 15, 1862.
16. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 34. 23 cm. 15 pp. [NP: 1861]. List of associate members of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, Dec. 7, 1861.
17. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 36. 24 cm. 40 pp. [NP: 1861]. J.S. Newberry. "Report on the Condition of the Troops and the Operations of the Sanitary Commission in the Valley of the Mississippi for the Three Months Ending Nov. 30, 1861."
18. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 38. 24 cm. 11 (1) pp. [Chicago, IL: Nov. 26, 1861]. Rev. W.W. Patton & R.N. Isham. "Report on the Condition of Camps and Hospitals at Cairo and Vicinity, Paducah, and St. Louis."
19. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 39. 21 cm. 29 pp. [Wash., DC (?): March 21, 1862]. Frederick N. Knapp. "Third Report Concerning the Aid and Comfort given by the Sanitary Commission to Sick Soldiers Passing through Washington."
20. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 40. 22 cm. 107 pp. [Washington, DC: McGill & Witherow, Printers, 1861]. "A Report to the Secretary of War of the Operations of the Sanitary Commission, and upon the Sanitary Condition of the Volunteer Army, its Medical Staff, Hospitals, and Hospital Supplies. December, 1861." [printer's defect, text on p.36 is repeated, instead of p.63, after p.62]
21. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 41. 23 cm. 31 pp. [NP: nd (1862)]. "Two Reports on the Condition of Military Hospitals at Grafton, Va., and Cumberland, Md."
22. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 42. 22 cm. 10 pp. [NP: 1862]. J.S. Newberry. "A Visit to Fort Donelson, Tenn., for the Relief of the Wounded of Feb'y 15, 1862: A Letter."
23. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 43. 23 cm. 7 pp. [NY: July 21, 1862]. Text of a letter from the Executive Committee of the Sanitary Commission to Pres. Lincoln regarding the 300,000 recruits "about to be called into the field."
24. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 44. 22 cm. 12 (1) pp. [Cincinnati: 1862]. R.W. Burnet. "Report of the Operations of the Cincinnati Branch of the United States Sanitary Commission, to March 1, 1862."
25. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 44a. 24 cm. 8 pp. [NY: July 4, 1862]. G.T. Strong. Text of a letter from the New York Agency of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, 498 Broadway, July 4, 1862 to "all Loyal Citizens of the United States," accompanied by other appeals.
26. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 45. 23 cm. 9 pp. [NY?: 1862]. "Regulations of the New York Agency of the Commission, and for its Transport Service on the Atlantic Coast."
27. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 46. 23 cm. 28 pp., and 10 folding charts (as called for), labeled A-K [no chart "I"]. [NY: Wm. C. Bryant & Co., Printers, 1862]. E.B. Elliott. "Preliminary Report on the Mortality and Sickness of the Volunteer Forces of the United States Government, During the Present War."
28. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 47. 24 cm. 6 pp. [NY: Aug. 5, 1862]. Text of a letter from members of the Executive Committee of the Sanitary Commission to Pres. Lincoln, following the losses of life during the campaign on the Peninsula of Virginia.
29. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 48. 24 cm. 16 pp. [NY: Sept. 24, 1862]. Various reports from Sanitary Commissions in NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Frederick, Md.
30. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 49. 24 cm. 7 pp. [NY: Oct. 13, 1862]. Henry W. Bellows. Text of a letter to S.G. Perkins of Boston requesting him to visit military hospitals in Europe.
31. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 50. 23 cm. 12 pp. [Washington, DC: Oct. 21, 1862]. Fred. Law Olmsted, General Secretary. "What They Have to Do Who Stay at Home."
32. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 51. 22 cm. 18 pp. [Washington, DC: 186(1?)]. "Revised General Instructions for Camp Inspections."
33. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 52. 23 cm. 4 pp. [Washington, DC: Dec. 1, 1862]. "Instructions to General Inspectors Concerning Certain Campaign Duties."
34. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 53. 23 cm. 6 pp. [Washington, DC: Sept. 22, 1862]. "Rules of the Central Office."
35. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 54. 23 cm. 6 pp. [NY: Oct. 22, 1862]. Henry W. Bellows. Exhorting people on the home front to aid hospitals by supplying material and labor to help the wounded.
36. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 55. 23 cm. 16 pp. [Louisville, KY: Oct. 24, 1862]. "Reports from the Western Department."
37. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 56. 24 cm. 12 pp. [Washington, DC: Nov. 18, 1862]. Henry G. Clark, M.D. "Department of Special Inspection of the General Hospitals of the Army. First Report to the Commission."
38. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 57. 22 cm. 31 pp. [NY: Wm. C. Bryant & Co., Printers, 1863]. J.H. Douglas, M.D., and C.W. Brink, M.D. "Reports on the Operations of the Inspectors and Relief Agents of the Sanitary Commission, after the Battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862."
39. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 58. 23 cm. 1 p. States that this report, "Relief of Disabled Soldiers," by John Ordronaux [not present here] was included in a report on the same subject published in April 1864.
40. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 59. 23 cm. 1 p. States that this report, "Special Relief Report," by F.N. Knapp was included in Document 59a [following].
41. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 59a. 22 cm. 22, (2), plus 14 pp. supplement. [Washington, DC: Dec. 15, 1862]. F.N. Knapp. "Fourth Report Concerning the Aid and Comfort given by the Sanitary Commission to Sick Soldiers Passing through Washington." [Second edition, with a Supplement, dated Feb. 1, 1863, showing certain added means of relief].
42. SANITARY COMMISSION NO. 60. 23 cm. 138 pp. [Washington, DC: M'Gill & Witherow, Printers, 1862]. By the General Secretary of the Commission, Fred. Law Olmsted. "An Account of the Executive Organization of the Sanitary Commission, and the Reasons of It, Suggested by the Criticisms of a Committee of the 'Cincinnati Branch of the Sanitary Commission." Item #66110

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