JOAN OF ARC vs. STOOGE. Robert Muncaster, E. McAllister Davis.


[Montgomery, AL: Montgomery Independent, May 3, 1967]. Broadside. "Permission Granted to Reprint," at bottom left corner of text. 58 x 38 cm. Text printed in two columns, on poor quality buff paper, old fold lines, a few closed tears along lower margin, not affecting text. Signed in type by Muncaster and Davis.
The authors protest the Federal Court Order calling for "the total integration of Alabama's school system," and support Gov. Lurleen Wallace's declaration that Alabama and its elected officials would "dare defend our rights" against the three Federal judges who issued the order. "Her supporters stand at ready, waiting for her call to arms."
Muncaster and Davis go on to argue that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was "never properly ratified." They also assert that the Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education of 1954 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are both unconstitutional because the United States had allowed itself and its constitution to be subsumed by its membership in the United Nations when the U.S. Congress passed the United Nations Participation Act in 1945. From that time all of its actions were controlled by U.N. dictate. In this broadside, the authors see Gov. Wallace as Joan of Arc and the Federal government as "the stooge of the United Nations Organization." Muncaster and Davis promote a bill "to rescind and revoke membership of the State of Alabama in the United Nations and the specialized agencies thereof.... Anything less than this Law of Repeal will serve as proof that the State of Alabama has betrayed her people to serve another master: The U.N. Government controlled by the sons of Satan!" Item #64777

Robert Muncaster continued to protest integration and to rail against the influences of the United Nations. A court case involving his son's refusal to sign his draft card cites Robert Muncaster's testimony that he forbade his son to register for the draft because "the war was being perpetrated by the United Nations in violation of the United States Constitution." [see the article on the family in the New York Times, Feb. 6, 1972].

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