NASHVILLE REPUBLICAN -- Extra. / Thomas Barry, Hardy M. Cryer, and / Robert Desha, of Gallatin, Tenn. / To the Editor of the Nashville Republican / [Drop-title over the first column, followed by three columns of dense text covering both sides of a single sheet]. Signed in type at the end: "Cadwallader R. Colden. / 9th July 1835.”

Nashville, TN: The Nashville Republican, 1835. Printed newspaper broadsheet extra, 20 x 13 1/2 inches, the entire broadsheet taken up by Colden's letter to the newspaper, defending himself against charges of fraud involving the purchase of racing thoroughbreds by the three named residents of Gallatin, Tennessee, his text interspersed with letters from others in his defense and passages directed at each of his accusers individually. Barry, Cryer, and Desha had each posted letters to the Republican charging Colden with fraud over negotiations for the purchase of horses, including some sired by the great racing thoroughbred Eclipse, insinuating other bad behavior along the way. In this long response, Colden offers a vigorous defense against such charges. Matted for viewing of both sides; with the defects described, still very good and a remarkable survival for a southern newspaper extra from the 1830s. Folded (several breaks at fold lines, taking two short words and affecting several other letters, tear into one corner of the text). (10804). Item #64423

Cadwallader R. Colden (1774-1839), grandson of the Lieutenant-Governor of the British Province of New York of the same name, managed the Union Course Race Track in Woodhaven, Queens, N.Y., and owned a tavern there, the Blue Pump Room (later Neir's Tavern), situated directly across the street from the track; he also edited and wrote for sporting periodicals. "The Union Course was a large track, sitting between 78th and 85th streets, from Jamaica Avenue to Atlantic. Races between horses representing the North and the South were popular events, with one race, between American Eclipse and Henry attracting over 60 thousand spectators" ("A Tavern," Queens "Open House," online, 26 Oct. 2019). In that race, actually a "best of three" series of 4-mile races on the same day, May 27, 1823, the northern entree Eclipse defeated his southern counterpart Henry (sired by Sir Archy) by winning the last two heats; his defeat in the first was the only setback he suffered in his career.

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