ANDREW JACKSON / SEVENTH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES [caption title under the portrait in the lower margin].

New York: Lith & Pub by N Currier, 2 Spruce St., NY, nd [late 1830s]. Color lithograph portrait of Andrew Jackson framed by a thin double-rule, 11 3/8 x 9 inches on a larger sheet, 18 3/4 x 13 1/2 inches, the president seated at his desk, his right hand over papers, his left cradling his sword. Jackson (1767-1845; 7th President of the United States, 1829-1837), born in either North or South Carolina and elected president from Tennessee, was a hero of the War of 1812, famously defeating the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. As president, Jackson quelled the Nullification movement in South Carolina, dismantled the Second Bank of the United States, and became the only president to completely pay off the national debt. He is best known, however, for his efforts to relocate eastern Indian tribes west of the Mississippi and the resultant "Trail of Tears." Richly colored, a very good example. Some browning and soiling in the margins. (10785). Item #64406

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