INAUGURAL ADDRESS / Delivered by / Andrew Jackson / on Being Sworn into Office, as President of the U. States, / on the 4th of March, 1829. / [followed by the text of the address, printed in two columns separated by an ornamental rule]. Signed in type at the end "Andrew Jackson."

NP: np, nd [1829?]. Broadside printed on silk, 13 x 10 1/2 inches, employing several sizes and styles of type, the text enclosed within a wide ornamental double-rule. This printing apparently not in American Imprints. Not in "Threads of History." Not recorded on OCLC (which does locate a single copy, at the Library of Virginia, for a larger printing on silk, with the imprint "Washington City: United States' Telegraph"; another copy of the larger edition is held at the Library of Congress and at least two others have sold at auction in the past decade). Very good example of this apparently unrecorded printing of Jackson's first Inaugural Address. Folded (scratch to rule along right side, one spot). (10786). Item #64404

Price: $1,250.00