WANTED / TRIPLE MURDERER / [photo illustration and sketch] / HERBERT COPELAND [followed by fifteen lines of text and signature, in type, of R.W. Pullman, Major and Superintendent of Police, Washington, D.C.] / April 24, 1919 / Post in Conspicuous Place

[Washington, DC: 1919]. Wanted poster, 11 x 8.5 in., old fold lines, thumbnail sized chip at upper margin, and some tears and holes, possibly from having been posted, affecting the word "wanted." The words "Bulletin 36, page 7" added in type along the bottom margin of the poster. Copeland, whose image is printed on the upper half of the poster, is described as "a light brown skin or mulatto negro, 39 years old, 5 feet 7, 155 to 160 pounds; upper front tooth gold, black curly hair parted in the middle...." He was accused of killing two police officers and a civilian on May 21, 1918, and later escaping from jail "by sawing his way out." He was also said to have committed a murder in Galveston, Texas, and to be a "very dangerous man." Item #64039

According to an article in the Washington Evening Star newspaper on Jan. 16, 1925, Copeland was recaptured in 1923, and sentenced to death by hanging for his crimes. He was the last person hanged in Washington, DC, just before the 1925 passage of the new Congressional law substituting electrocutions for hanging in capital punishment cases in the District.

Price: $450.00