A History of the South.

Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, 1949-1995. First edition of each of the ten volumes, a complete set through present publication. 10 volumes, all 8vo, illustrated from old paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs, with maps, some folding, facsimiles, etc., as described below: (1) Craven, Wesley Frank. The Southern Colonies in the Seventeenth Century, 1607-1689. LSU, 1949. xv, (4), 451 pp.; (2) Alden, John Richard. The South in the Revolution, 1763-1789. LSU, 1957. xv, 442 pp; (3) Abernethy, Thomas P. The South in the New Nation, 1789-1819. LSU, 1961. xvi, 529 pp.; (4) Sydnor, Charles S. The Development of Southern Sectionalism, 1819-1848. LSU, 1948. xii, (4), 400 pp.; (5) Craven, Avery O. The Growth of Southern Nationalism, 1848-1861. LSU, 1953. xi, (4), 433 pp.; (6) Coulter, E. Merton. The Confederate States of America, 1861-1865. LSU, 1950. ix, (4), 644 pp.; (7) Coulter, E. Merton. The South During Reconstruction, 1865-1877. LSU, 1947. xii, (4), 426; (8) Woodward, C. Vann. Origins of the New South, 1877-1913. LSU, 1951. xi, (4), 542 pp. [lacks dust jacket]; (9) Tindall, George B. The Emergence of the New South, 1913-1945. LSU, 1967. xv, 807 pp.; and (10) Bartley, Numan V. The New South, 1945-1980. [The Story of the South's Modernization.] LSU, 1995. xiii, (2), 548 pp. A volume entitled "The Southern Colonies in the Eighteenth Century, 1689-1763," long planned to be written by Clarence Van Steeg (1922-2007), has yet to be published. Several volumes with previous owners' names, but a very good set, not often encountered complete, with all volumes in first edition. All volumes in original cloth, all with original printed dust jackets, with the exception of Woodward's "Origins of the New South" (two of the jackets with some chipping, others with minor wear and tear). (9518). Item #62662

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