nd [1903-1919]. Typed manuscript, bound into plain grey boards, illustrated with prints and original photos. 4to. [88] pp., primarily on rectos and including 23 original black & white photos laid down, 11 photo illustrations, and 4 original full page photos signed by George Haight, each with a caption title or explanation. This original work is dedicated to "Anna, My Lady of the Dimples," of whom she says in her forward: "[Anna] delights in everything pertaining to the past -- particularly liking stories about her own family and ancestors. Anna is an anachronism; decidedly a woman of today, yet revelling in what has gone before."
The letters from Polly Evans to her relative Anna [likely her sister] are chatty stories about her life in California. She reports that her furniture is only recently arrived from her mother's father's home on Lafayette Square [in Washington, DC]. She mentions her great grandfather Col. John Tayloe of Mt. Airy and the Octagon (1771-1828) and includes a photo illustration of him, along with other ancestors. She notes that Col. Tayloe and George Washington were friends. She also describes the house she and her husband Jack have moved into including the "Lanai" or enclosed verandah they have created with French windows all around, suitable for observing the garden. A young niece Janet has been sent out to live with them in California by her parents to break up an unapproved romance. Other reminiscences include a cooking club she participated in as a young girl, the correct way to make a syllabub, several pages recording a fairy story entitled "Geraldine's Christmas with the Fairies," and recipes copied from an old 1791 cookbook.
The four original photos, signed by George Haight, are all interior shots: three of the Lanai and one of her husband's room, nicknamed "Jack's Night-cap Room." Several of the other original photos, presumably taken by Polly, are of the California "Little House and Garden... near the Public Library on a quiet street, shaded by Pepper Trees." The last few pages of the manuscript include "Glimpses of the Spanish Missions in California," with original round Kodak photos done by Mrs. Evans, of the Pueblo of San Gabriel Archangel & interior (6), Mission of San Juan Capistrano (4), plus a section entitled "In the Little Town of Sweet Saint Barbara," with more round Kodak photos of the Mission of Santa Barbara & grounds (4). Item #62278

Mary [Polly] Evans was married to Rev. J. Arthur Evans who was rector of St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Hollywood, California from 1903-1919. They lived in the "Little House and Garden" on Ivey Street during that time [a partial address label on the front board confirms the address]. Polly Evans was a great granddaughter of Col. John Tayloe, and granddaughter of Admiral Matthew Perry. Her home in Hollywood was noted for its "showplace gardens."

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