PRESENTED BY PETER SCHUTTLER, CHICAGO. [caption title below image]

Buffalo & Chicago: Clay & Co., nd [ca. 1878?]. Chromolithographic advertising print, 17 1/4 x 24 1/4 inches [image], on a 20 x 26 inch sheet, an elaborately illustrated advertisement for "The Old Reliable Schuttler Wagon." A frontier trading post or fort is shown partially surrounded by a stockade set in a clearing near a river, surrounded by Mountains (likely the Rockies). A long train of covered wagons approaches the site from a trail leading down from one of the hills. In the clearing tents are encamped, horses being watered, and a campfire kindled with a group of people gathered around. "The Old Reliable Schuttler Wagon" is painted on a rock at the left foreground of the image, with a man driving a farm wagon with "Peter Schuttler, Chicago" printed on the side. For a trade catalogue issued by this company, see Romaine, p. 89. Another version of this advertising print was issued by Achert & Henckel Lithographers of Cincinnati. Peters America on Stone, pp. 142-143. Apparently not located on OCLC. Beautiful copy of a dramatic brightly colored image. (9832). Item #61995

Peter Schuttler emigrated from Germany in 1834, finding employment as a wagon maker in Sandusky, Ohio, before moving to Chicago in 1843 to open his own wagon manufacturing business. The company became one of the major suppliers of wagons to emigrants headed west after the discovery of gold in California. By the 1850s he was producing about 1800 wagons a year and employed over 100 people. When Schuttler died in 1865, his son Peter took over the business and continued its expansion to over 300 employees and some $400,000 in sales. Peter Schuttler III ran the business into the mid-1920s when the nascent automobile industry began to affect its sales (cf. "Encyclopedia of Chicago, Dictionary of Leading Businesses, 1820-2000"). Hugh M. Clay, the lithographer, began working as an artist in Buffalo in 1854 with the firm Compton & Gibson (Jay Last "The Color Explosion," Santa, Ana, Cal., 2005, pp. 54-55). From 1864-1877 he was in partnership with Herman Cosack, as Clay & Cosack, or Clay, Cosack & Co. In 1878 he was briefly on his own as Clay & Co., before forming a partnership with Henry Richmond (Clay & Richmond, 1879-1886), before retiring in the latter year.

Price: $12,500.00

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