New York: Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., New York & 520 Seventh St., Washington D.C., 1864. Hand-colored lithograph, 30 x 43 cm. image, on a 36 x 55 cm. sheet, matted. Lithographed and printed by Chas. Magnus. "Entered according to act of Congress A.D. 1864 by Chas. Magnus in the clerks office of the Southern District of N.Y." A nice, bright example. Campbell General Hospital, located near Florida Avenue and Sixth Street, was one of a number of temporary hospital established by the Union Army in Washington D.C. during the Civil War. The print shows the hospital compound in a wooded area, surrounded by a picket fence. The entrance to the hospital presents a flag pole and small formal garden. The long, low buildings form a double quadrangle to the right, buildings and tents are arranged in lines to the left. Tents and some buildings are numbered or marked with letters. At the far right are smaller houses and perhaps a stable for horses. At the back of the compound are wash lines with women engaged in hanging laundry. In the foreground wagons loaded with supplies arrive at the gate. Walt Whitman spent time working here as a nurse during the Civil War. Item #61958

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