[June - August, 1974]. Sixteen well executed sketches, 14 x 17 in., on plain drawing paper, removed from an artist's sketchpad, depicting various phases of the cases brought in 1974,related to Watergate, including United States v. Nixon. Most of the drawings are signed and dated by Davies, and she has given most caption titles, noted here:
1. "Memory. The President, David Young, Egil Krogh, E. Howard Hunt, Dr. Lewis Fielding, General Cushman, S.P." Referring to the break-in at the psychiatric offices of Dr. Lewis Fielding, Daniel Ellsberg's therapist, given the code name 'Hunt/Liddy Special Project No.1.'
2. "Judge Hart, 15-3-74." Judge George L. Hart, on the bench in a courtroom. Hart extended the grand jury investigation an additional six months in June 1974.
3. [John Erlichman?]. Sketch of a bespectacled, slightly balding man, likely Erlichman.
4. "Sirica with corresponding list of tapes due." The judge on the bench, glasses and papers in hand.
5. "Light olive green suit- Colson." Nixon's special counsel Charles W. Colson standing before a microphone.
6. "Donahue / Rodino." The two men, members of the House Judiciary Committee to consider the impeachment articles, standing before a microphone.
7. [Judge Sirica] On the bench, a statue mounted on the wall behind him.
8. "In Camera Session Erlichman trial. 27 June 74." A view of the hall and doors to Court Room 6, with a police officer stationed outside the courtroom.
9. "Chaffree." [Chaffee?] A man standing before a microphone.
10. "Reinecke- on stand. Mon. 22 July 1974." Lt.-Gov. of California Ed Reinecke, convicted of perjury in the Watergate trials.
11. "Defense Attorney Jones questioning Erlichman. 8 July '74."
12. "Gesell. 31-4-74." A lawyer speaking before Judge Gerhard Gesell who presided over the trial of the 'Watergate Seven.'
13. "Judge Gerhard Gesell. 2 July 1974." On the bench in a courtroom.
14. "Cox questioning Reinecke. 22 July 1974." Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox and Ed Reinecke.
15. "St. Clair / Hall." [probably James D. St. Clair, Pres. Nixon's lawyer; and (?) Hall]. Two lawyers in front of the judge.
16. "L.A. Police Officer Brickley. 28 June 1974. D.E.'s psychiatrist's office." Brickley on the witness stand. Item #61957

Patricia Davies' sketches, possibly done for the Dayton Daily News, emphasize with color and body language the behavior and reactions of some of the well-known figures in the Watergate trials. A visceral and visual reminder of the legal proceedings which brought about President Nixon's resignation.

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