Fishing on a lake in northern New England, as recorded in a series of snapshots, showing (1) two men in a square-sterned canoe, one rowing, the other fishing while sitting ahead of a vintage outboard motor (limited housing for the working parts of the engine), (2 & 3) different views of an older gentlemen ashore with a tied-up canoe holding a string of five bass and a beautiful large pickerel, (4 & 5) another man, in the canoe on the lake, holding a just-caught pickerel, and (6) a well-dressed man sitting in the rear of the canoe with the motor running.

(On a lake in northern New England]: nd [ca. 1920?]. Photographs. Small snapshots, 3 x 4 1/2 inches, nice images. The vintage outboard motor being used is especially interesting. Very good. (8871). Item #61861

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