Declining an invitation to meet with a fellow art connoisseur and discussing water color painting and chiaroscuro, in two autograph letters, May 1866, and a contemporary copy of a third, April 1867, from London, to John Percy, F.R.S.

8vo. Eight pages total, approximately 750 words, in part: "Were I not already engaged ... I should most certainly accept your invitation, assured as I am that it would bring with it the [comradeship] that belongs to an exchange of ideas among smokers of the weed ... composition and chiar-oscuro, combined in their works at the close of the last century to acquire for them [Turner and Girtin] alike the reputation of having founded the British School of watercolor painting. But that knowledge of chiaroscuro which gave light and space to the works of those original men, have no existence in works of the first rate men of water colour in the present day." The copy with a note concerning the original penned at the had of the first leaf, a very good lot. (2397). Item #61524

"These remarkable works [engravings from Turner], in which for the first time the effects of light and atmosphere were adequately rendered, placed Pye at the head of his profession, and entitle him to be regarded as the founder of the modern school of landscape engraving ... his complete mastery of the principles of chiaroscuro in the translation of colour into black and white caused his services to be always much in request for correcting the plates of other engravers" (DNB). John Percy (1817-1889) was an important British metallurgist and "a fair artist himself. He made a valuable collection of water-colour drawings and engravings" (DNB).

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