Limp leather photo album, front joint splitting, tied with a cord at the left margin. Oblong quarto, with 138 black & white photos in corner mounts (a few laid down; two missing from mounts) on black paper leaves, plus 3 laid in loose. Caption titles in white chalk in the margins of the leaves. Most of the photos are 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. or 3 x 5 in. A handful of the images are a bit overexposed, the rest are very good, sharp.
A collection of photos of the large "old home at Addison," (presumably belonging to the grandparents), and candid images of the young children of the Doolittle family, Walter H. Doolittle, Jr. (born ca. 1906), and his sister Marian (born in Sept. 1907), during visits to their relatives in Texas. A small handful of photos show Walter, Jr. in South Bend [Indiana], where they presumably lived before relocating to Dallas. The children are shown on the grounds of the family homestead in Addison, Texas over the years. Many of the images in the album show the two children together as they grow older. A record of this young, well-to-do family at home and at leisure, probably collected for the grandparents as the dedication at the beginning of the album, to "mother dear," seems to indicate. Item #61438

The area where the town of Addison, Texas is located was settled in the mid-19th century, but was not known officially as Addison until 1902. The first 23 photos in this album show visits home to the "Addison folk," beginning with the parents in 1903, and continuing after Walter and Marian were born, until the family relocated.
By February 1909, the young Doolittle family had moved to Junius Street in Dallas. There are several views of their neighborhood, the family car which was given to them by the grandparents in 1910 (to which a tonneau was later added); their garden, etc. They moved to their own home on Victor Street in Dallas in November 1910. A caption below the photo notes that the two metal tubs sitting in front of the house "were filled with water twice daily, from tank-wagons, during a water-famine." The children are shown playing in the yard, and in the neighborhood. Two photos show them in cowboy costumes, captioned: "They had become Texans." An aunt and uncle arrived for a visit in November 1912, and a hunting trip followed. Photos show a group of people camping in tents near a spring in Southwest Texas, Uncle Bert with his dog, a deer and a wild turkey successfully caught. A third car was purchased in 1913, and the family is shown riding in it, and going after "jack-rabbits with greyhounds, but without guns." They apparently kept a "country home" north of South Bend, as three photos show in 1913. In November 1917, there is a photo of the children standing in their yard with two men in uniform, captioned: "During the Great War we had many soldier-guests." A picture dated January 1919 shows an African American man named Webster standing on their front porch with a broom in his hands, with the caption note: "comes to clean house regularly." Two photos show the "Koon Kreek Klub," an exclusive hunting and fishing club incorporated in 1902,100 miles southeast of Dallas, and a handful more images depict another hunting and fishing trip: smoking out a "bear," a sky full of wild ducks, a line of caught fish strung up near a cabin. Four photos taken in January 1919 show Walter in a military uniform, as a student at Terrill School (founded in 1906, to rival east coast prep schools), and Marian in stylish hat and coat, a student at St. Mary's.

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