Reporting on his health, a man writes to his brother from the resort at Bartlett Springs, California, in a manuscript letter dated Dec. 13, 1877.

A 4-page letter, on lined paper, approx. 350 words. The author [A. Le--?] has been at Bartlett Springs for six weeks, and expects to remain another 3 or 4 weeks, while his health improves. He says that Anna is staying at Emery's, since her eyes were not well enough for her to join him in the "strong light" of the Springs. She is improving with the cooler weather, however. The author says there are not many people at the Springs with him this winter, perhaps 60 or 70, "owing no doubt to the hard times." In the summer there were some 600 to 800 people there, Bartlett Springs being "the most noted springs on the Pacific coast." "We are having the shortest days I ever knew as it is located in a deep canyon of the mountains and the sun does not get in here untill nearly 9 oclock in the mornings and sinks behind the mountains before 3PM." He says the farmers are worried about the lack of rain in the valleys below, and "fears are entertained now of another dry season next year in this state." He also says he is sure his brother gets as much information about "the Chinese question and the proceedings of the working men assosiation [sic]" as he needs, and that both things are agitating the west coast. Letter is creased from folding for mailing, one short split at fold. Very good. Item #58432

Bartlett Springs (located north of San Francisco, in Lake County) and its curative properties was discovered by Green Bartlett in 1869, and he developed it into a health resort over the next few years. A popular place in the late 19th century, it was the victim of fires in 1934, and was not rebuilt. The unrest in California which the letter writer refers to was related to the economic crisis of 1873 which had worked its way from the east coast to the west by 1877. An anti-railroad, anti-upper classes, anti-Chinese movement sprang up on the west coast, in the form of the Workingmen's Party. The whole was aggravated by a drought in California, increasing the distress amongst the labor classes.

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