Seven typed letters, signed by the general manager of the Golconda Gold Mining and Milling Co. of Colorado, dated Feb. 12- March 19, 1897, plus a hand-drawn diagram of three of the mines shafts, all on company letterhead.

[Victor, CO]: 1897. Retained copies of correspondence for seven letters (15 pages, rectos only; approx. 2500 words), plus a hand-drawn diagram for the "Nellie V. Shaft," the "April Fool Shaft," and the "Golconda No. 2 Shaft." The letterhead stationery is illustrated with a 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. printed drawing of the Golconda Mine and Steam Plant, flanked by the names of the officers and directors of the company. One letter [from March 2, 1897] is lacking the first of its three pages. All are creased from folding, else very good.The Secretary and General Manager of the Mining Company, E.R. Argersinger has signed all seven copies. The area around Victor, Colorado experienced a bout of gold fever in the 1890's. Item #58344

The Golconda Gold Mining and Milling Co. mines were in the Cripple Creek District of Colorado. Officers included W.G. Rhule, President; G.S. Howland, Vice President; W.L. Theobald, Treasurer (all of Pittsburg, PA); and Argersinger, of Victor, Colorado. The first letter, dated February 12, 1897, is directed to Wm. H. Swift, Esq., and Wm. C. Robinson, Esq. (Attorney for Mrs. Abbie Walker) of Wilmington, Delaware and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The diagram of the mine shafts accompanies this three-page letter. Argersinger, the lessee reports on the expenditures incurred in sinking several different shafts to various depths. The second letter, dated March 2, lacks its first leaf, and is again directed to Robinson. Argersinger states "[s]o far we have never received any income from the prperty [sic], but I believe if my proposition is accepted with deeper sinking and vigorous prospecting we can bring the property into production and enable me to purchase it." He requests that he be given a lease on the whole mine for a period of two years, and promises to do "at least 50 shifts of work each the same royalties as named in the lease on the middle 3rd of the mine [etc.]." He also offers $75,000 for the purchase of the entire mine. In a subsequent letter, dated March 17, 1897, Argersinger responds to correspondence from Robinson regarding platting the land for building lots above the mine shafts. He increases his offer for the purchase of the mine and explains his reasoning. "A portion of the mine (say ½) is well located for building lots but the other half is not and would be slow sale, and we would have to close two highways…. I know, Mr. Robinson, that you want to do what you think is for the best interests of the owners and for them to realize the greatest possible amount from the property; but my real estate experience of four years in Denver in platting acreage and selling lots, and knowing what I do of the financial situation here and the probable future, I believe when you understand the situation as I do you will agree with me that it is better to place the surface with me…." E.R Argersinger spent much of his career managing various mines and mining properties in the west. A 1904 report in "United States Investor" finds him in charge of the "Western Mines Company" of California. He received a glowing report on his management abilities: “The company is said to be receiving able and efficient management at the hands of E.R. Argersinger. He is reported to be a man thoroughly conversant with every detail of mining, entirely devoted to his work, and, unlike most managers, has no time to spend about town. With Mr. Argersigner at the helm, stockholders’ money will, no doubt, be judiciously and honestly expended.” [see: the issue of Jan. 23, 1904, vol. 15, page 136].

Price: $2,500.00

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