Photo album of 34 views of Fort Myer, Arlington, Virginia; the Washington Bicentennial Masonic Parade, in Alexandria; and troops on maneuvers at Fort Geo. G. Meade, Maryland.

nd (ca.1932?). Oblong photo album, bound in green patterned stiff wrappers (some wear to edges). The photos, all measuring 5 x 7 inches, are tucked into corner slots provided on each page of the album (one page empty; a few final leaves unused). Most have hand lettered captions and numbers, in white along the bottom of the photo. A few identify the photographer as "D.J. MacDonald." All photos are clear. The photos include: (1) Col. Quarters, Fort Myer; (2) Headquarters, Fort Myer; (3) Guard House, Fort Myer; (4) 16th F.A. Barracks, Fort Myer; (5) !6th F.A. Gun Shed, Fort Myer; (6) Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery; (7) Canadian Monument, Arlington Cemetery; (8) Old Well, Lee Mansion; (9) no caption [Lee Mansion]; (10) no caption [military parade]; (11 & 12) Washington Bicentennial Masonic Parade; (13) Band 3rd Cavalry, Wash. Bicentennial Parade, Alexandria, VA; (14) Battery "A" 16th Field Artillery [same parade]; (15 & 16) Washington Bicentennial Parade, Alex., VA; (17-21) 16th F.A. Staff arriving, Fort Meade; (22) Picket Line, Btry "A" 16th F.A., 3rd Corp Area Maneuvers, Fort Geo. G. Meade, MD; (23-26) Maneuvers, Fort Meade; (27) General Malone & Staff, Fort Meade; (28) 3rd Cav. !6th F.A. 3rd Corp Area Review; (29-32) 16th F.A. Parade; (33) Tank Corp, Fort Meade; (34) Bombing Planes from Langley Field. Item #58073

Gen. Paul B. Malone (1872-1960), pictured here was Commandant of the 3rd Corp (DC, MD, VA) until 1935. He was a graduate of West Point and saw service in Philippines, Cuba, and France. He was also author of a number of novels of military life set at West Point.

Price: $300.00