Views of Crater Lake and other outstanding features, especially mountainous area, of the western United States, a series of 60 snapshots, each 3 5/8 x 4 5/8 inches, taken by an accomplished unidentified photographer; each photograph numbered and briefly described, in ink, on verso (some of the photographs include more detailed description in pencil).

Documenting western travel in the 1930s, the photographs are numbered serially, though with gaps in sequence, and are dated through two periods, 9 May - 22 August, 1931, and 15 July - 4 September, 1935. All landscapes, the photographs picture Flagstaff, Arizona (2 images), Montezuma Castle, Arizona (3), Prescott, Arizona (1), Crater Lake, Oregon (28), Bend, Oregon (1), the Dalles, Oregon (2), Crater of the Moon, Idaho (4), a maize field in Oklahoma (1), Rocky Mountain National Park (3), Black Hills, South Dakota (5), Bad Lands, South Dakota (3), Devil's Tower, Wyoming (1), Shoshone Canyon, Wyoming (1), Glacier National Park (1), Bliss, Idaho (3), and Brice Canyon National Park, Utah (3). The photographer never appears, but a touring auto is featured in a panorama of the Bad Lands. A little fading to several photographs, but most are sharp and fine, a lovely look at western landscape from the 1930s. (2394). Item #57974

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