Commenting on the progress of the Second Battle of Bull Run and Lee's ensuing invasion of Maryland, in two autograph letters, signed 30 August and 7 September 1862 from Washington, D.C., to "Dear Brother."

8vo. 8 pages, approximately 1750 words. "There has been very heavy cannonading all day above here. I should judge it may pssibly be as far off as Centerville [actually Manassas] although the report is that they are fighting at the chain bridge ... I saw a long line of troops passing on the west boundary of our farm & thought they must be forming into lines of battle (O the cannonading is truly awful just now) ... the battle is so furiously raging (constant roar of heavy guns still) ... if they have any reflection they must feel that they are marching on to sure death ... I expect Pope is battling with the rebels. Jackson is between him and us ... "[August] 31 You doubtless have hear the news, the glorious news, that the enemy are driven & that Jackson & his army are taken. I do hope it's so ... [later, Sept. 7] "startling news this morning of the rebels having taken Frederick & crossed the river in large numbers ... believe me, if worse comes to worst, I could use a gun in the cause with a good heart ... I do wish we had a Jackson in our army; he has brains & activity both." For the pair, Item #53957

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