DISCUSSING THEATRICAL MATTERS, in an autograph letter to "John", signed in full "John T. Ford."

4to. 1 page, approximately 125 words. Folded as for mailing, now matted with a typed transcription and title ("Theatrical Letter of John T. Ford / Owner of Ford's Theater [sic], / Where President Abraham Lincoln Was Shot"). Glazed and framed. Item #41272

A hastily written, undated letter to an associate discussing the engagement of several actors and actresses and possible salaries and terms of service for them. Ford, a native of Baltimore, was an active manager of theatres on the east coast for 40 years, controlling the Holliday Street Theatre in his home town, 1854-1879, and theatres in Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Philadelphia, and Richmond, simultaneously and subsequently; "he also managed a great number of travelling as well as resident companies which included the greatest stars and actors of his generation" (DAB).

Price: $1,250.00